Love, Honor, Tradition
The Great Gatsby
Tea at Taschen
Pen to Paper
60th High Tea
Thumbelina Ballerina
A Beatrix Potter Production 
Paris. No Passport Required 
Wintery Nuptials  


“Similar to what one might expect from a new day, the inception and passage of an event brings about an element of mystery, a silent promise to uncover a new train of thought or experience, bring it to life, immerse in it, to then only dismantle and bid adieu.”

Emma Ndebele | Owner

| Discover

Atukio is an experience design and event planning studio based in Dallas, 
Texas. It’s carte blanche is in it’s unmistakable bold brushstroke to experience design. 

Under the direction of co-founder Emma Ndebele, Atukio has created extraordinary event experiences across the world, for those willing to indulge and dream a little.

About Emma |

Experience Designer Emma Ndebele, is regarded as a ‘breath of fresh air’ to the event space.

Her modernist style is known to be innovative, thought provoking and evocative. There is always an unexpected, bold yet thoughtful element tucked up her sleeve. 

Rooted in an ardent resolve to untap the art of the possible, she is known to muse over detail to near perfection, all the while challenging the status quo.

“If we are not continuously pushing boundaries, and being innovative in our approach to design, then what’s the point.”

| How it all began 

Emma’s self discovery of experience design was a matter of chance, something that ignited while planning her own wedding in 2010. Her vision was abstract, making it arduous to relinquish her ideas.

Interestingly, this was the inception of her creative journey, but one she would only embrace a decade later when Atukio was born.

Throughout that time, she has created bespoke experiences across the world, for those closest to her, as an expression of love, while also cultivating her passion for creativity.


On July 21st 2020, Emma made the bold move to share her creativity with the world. What she had once reserved for her family and friends to enjoy, she opened her doors for the world to experience.

Asked how she is able to sustain a model deeply rooted in creating a thumbprint experience. 

I draw inspiration from my clients vision, then translate that into creating an experience that is a tribute to that vision. No two human beings are the same, and as such no two experiences are the same.

“The moment I am unable to achieve individuality in my craft, is the moment I’ll stop creating.”

Background |

Emma is a native of Zimbabwe, and of  African and German decent. She holds an MBA and spends her time in Management Consulting. 

She lives in Texas, with her husband Brighton and their three children. Together, they enjoy cooking, traveling, and exploring different cultures.